• Advanced Form Elements

    ax-framework includes ready to use client-server form elements, suitable for almost every data situation.

    video - advanced form elements

    "Including form validation and value formatting you'll be completely set for the design of your algorithms, the only thing we have to think of is your business logic."

  • data object child relations

    Envision your project as parent-child data relations and build your application as seperate windows accordingly.

    video - data object child relations

    "Everything is there where you need it, never get bugged again by the same issues, solve complex tasks once and for all at one location. AX Framework is therefore a win-win situation."

  • encapsulated coding style

    Highly encapsulated, layered coding style for reuseable assets, while preserving the freedom to break out of the system wherever needed.

    video - encapsulated coding style

    All the generalized power at your hands. ax-framework consists of a multitude of layers for a perfect team workflow.

  • report generator

    Create complex and dynamic reports. Have your reports generated on-the fly, stored to the filesystem, or published to external servers. Compatible with all major document management systems.

    video - report generator

    "It's a team bonanza, when our consultants prepare the forms while our programmers still do the coding."

  • developer toolset

    An ever expanding Toolset for your programming needs. Compatible and expandable with most state-of-the-art PHP and JavaScript libraries.

    video - developer toolset

    "Developing web applications has never been so powerful."

  • easily customizable

    Full control over content and the possibility to adapt even the core fundamentals to your projects demands. Full ownership, tailor to need.

    video - easily customizable

    "In-corporate a stylish design. No strings attached. No hassle. No worries."

  • modern desktop user interface

    Users will love ax's intuitive GUI, features like parallel workflows, non-destructive edits, autosave and total recall, meta search.

    video - modern desktop user interface

    "Providing a state-of-the-art and user friendly desktop interface, work with friendly attitude is guaranteed."

  • core / module repository

    Expand your system via AX's own module repository and keep its core up to date. Add productivity tools, admintools, watchtools, and much more.

    video - core / module repository

    "Stuff that could soon turn housewives into admins and admins delirious."

  • data source integration

    Currently supported database: mySQL. Native support for MSSQL, Oracle, postgreSQL, and mongoDB added soon. Connect to any datasource via REST/JSON or SOAP/XML.

    video - data source integration

    "Did we forget data import/migration? There is so much more..."